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Masaki's Automotive Repair offers a multitude of services, from regular maintenance to intricate repairs and custom work. We also offer fleet service for commercial customers, and perform hybrid car repairs and services. Whether you are in need of an oil change, your "check engine" light has come on, or you need a safety check station near you, Masaki's can get you taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Masaki's is family-owned and we have been in business in Honolulu for 40 years and can handle almost any repair or task that you need. We are Honolulu's only certified hybrid car repair shop, and we also offer rebuilt hybrid batteries. For more info, Click Here!

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Hybrid Repair Services

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Masaki's Automotive is certified in hybrid vehicle repair. Not only can we help you maintain your hybrid car, we can recondition your battery or even provide you with a new, rebuilt hybrid battery that will save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing one from the dealer. Click below to get started.

Automotive Repair/Mechanic Services

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We offer a number of automotive services for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for an official safety check station near you, need an oil change, or just need someone to see why your check engine light is on, we can take care of your needs. We are an ASE certified Honolulu repair shop. See our full list of services with the button, below.

Tires, Towing, and More

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If your threads are showing or you hav suffered a blow out, come see us to get a new set of tires for you car or truck. If you are stuck with a flat, we can have your vehicle towed to our garage and then install new tires, all around. Competitive pricing and excellent customer service is waiting for you!

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