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Auto Repair Services

Auto Repair Services

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Masaki's Auto Repair Services

Masaki's Automotive Repair offers a multitude of services, from regular maintenance to intricate repairs and custom work. We also offer fleet service for commercial customers, and perform hybrid car repairs and services. If you are interested in obtaining one of our rebuilt hybrid batteries, Click Here!

Please review our services below and use the button to schedule an appointment.

• Certified Hybrid Vehicle Repair

• Tune-ups

• Oil Maintenance Service

• 12-Volt battery replacement

• Electrical diagnostics & repair

• Clutch replacement

• Brake service

• Transmission service

• Check engine light

• Airbag diagnostics

• Window operation/repair

• Tire rotation

• Drivability diagnostics/repair

• Air conditioning service & repair

• Antilock brakes ASB diagnostics

• Official State/C&C Safety-check station

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