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image of hybrid car engine
image of hybrid car engine

Certified Hybrid Repair

Recondition Your Hybrid's Battery

Masaki's Automotive Repair can tune up your hybrid's battery to hold up to 90% of its full capacity!

Over time, the battery in your hybrid loses its ability to balance the individual charge in each module. This affects your car's performance and you will notice a decrease in mileage.

This kind of service is NOT available at any dealer! Your only alternative would be to purchase a new battery from the dealer for thousands of dollars. Masaki's Automotive can remove your hybrid's battery and properly balance and charge each module. While this process can take between 2-3 days, it will save you thousands of dollars and restore power and efficiency to your car.

image of hybrid car battery cells image of hybrid car battery being charged image of hybrid battery being tested image of hybrid battery testing equipment
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