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image of hybrid car engine
image of hybrid car engine

Certified Hybrid Repair

Certified Hybrid Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Hybrid cars can provide a number of benefits to both the owner and the environment. But, to get the most out of these vehicles, it's important to understand a few things to keep them in top shape. Here are 5 important facts about Hybrid cars:

• Hybrid vehicles have both an electric motor and a gasoline engine. Both need to be properly and regularly maintained.
• The battery in your hybrid can develope a "memory" over time and begin to lose its full-charging capacity.
• If your mileage has dipped from 40-45 MPG to 30-35 MPG, your battery needs attention.
• Dealerships do NOT recondition batteries. They will only replace them at a cost between $5k - $7k.
• Masaki's Auto Repair can recondition your battery to regain up to 90% of its charging capacity for a fraction of the cost.

Masaki's can help you better understand your hybrid vehicle and regain its efficiency and power. We are the only Certified hybrid repair shop on Oahu, and the owners have been trained to offer a full array of hybrid repairs including inverter/converter work. The images below are some of the components of hybrid motors that we regularly work with. For a quote, click the button below and someone will respond to you very soon.

image of a hybrid inverter

image of hybrid car battery cells image of hybrid car battery being charged image of hybrid battery being tested image of hybrid battery testing equipment
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Who's the winner in the battle of the hybrids?

Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt were both battling for the top spot in 2017. See who won here:

image of Toyota Prius

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